Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Turns Out - Finding Fault In the Twilight Series Is Easy

Some of you may know I have a love/hate relationship with the Twilight series.

I love it because I enjoy reading mindless books with fun story lines. I love it because I was able to absorb myself into them and forget real life for a moment. That, to me, is fun reading.

I hate the series because even though I can be carried off into the land of fiction for a moment reading a book, I am still reminded that real-life exists and STUPID books like these are shaping OUR real-lives.

SORRY! Don't hate me yet. If you are reading my blog, you are probably my friend and I do not think less of you for adoring the series. I am confident you are smart enough to be like me: read the books, know they are fake and move on with your life. But what about those "other" people who want the life they read in a book? The teen-age female who thinks love is like what she read in that series? Can that series cause damage to these young girls?

I say yes.

But I am at work. And I should work. So I will finish my post later...probably right before the dreaded next movie comes out in a few weeks. Just to remind you that Bella Swan is pathetic written as a fictional character.

But if it were real, as some teen girls hope, she would be a victim of violence.

And that my lovely friends is the social problem we are facing. Even the crime fighting victim advocate named Rhonda gets sucked into the crap that is written and very briefly finds fault in a victim. Shame one me.


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