Monday, April 2, 2012

1 New Baby + 1 3 Year Old = Happy Mama

Well believe it or not, I have (so far) survived the newborn stage.
Have I screamed at my husband at 3 a.m? Yes.
Have I questioned my sanity for having another baby? Yes.
Have I called my mom for help? Oh my lord, yes.
Have I been peed on, thrown up on, buried in laundry, exhausted, stressed, and temperamental? YES YES YES!

But those are just little blips in my weeks. This time around, this baby business is like a walk in the park. Sure I have had nights where I text a friend saying I dont think I can do it anymore, but for the most part, I have been kicking ass.

I love my new little baby so much and my big boy baby who turned 3 a week after baby was born has been AWESOME! I seriously could not have asked for better kids and I am so confused as to why I am so blessed.

I took 8 weeks off from work and it was nice. Well, nice and boring. I loved spending time with the kids doing crafts or just holding them, but I learned I need my career and I need my kids to see that too. Of course its hard to send a new baby to I brought him with me to work for a few days instead :-) Such a good baby.

So what have a learned this time around?

1. 2nd baby is much easier. Not sure why, but I guess this time I know crying wont kill him and holding him wont last forever.

2. Pregnancy is NOT for me. Epidural and c-sections ARE for me! Ha ha ha. I seriously have had 2 wonderful experiences at Sheridan Memorial and I sometimes fantasize about getting a mild injury so I can be there rest ha ha ha.

3. Organized Rhonda is gone...for now. When you are late to one of your best friend's 2 year old's birthday parties by AN HOUR, you can pretty much kiss your organization good-bye. Bless her for knowing me.

4. For me, wine can really hit the spot.

5. Messes are a part of life. Told my mom the other day that Liam and were going to make some slime. "WHY?" is all she said. Ha ha ha. Because Pinterest, thats why.

6. And I learned that my husband, my wonderful husband, puts up with the most wicked woman in the world. Again, confused as to why I am so blessed with this amazing man.

I am so excited to see my boys grow up together. I came out of the shower today and could hear 3 year old talking to the baby about Thomas. Telling him who was who. SOOOO CUTE!

I hope I can get back to regular postings. I still have lots of opinions I want to share. But for now, miss me, cause I miss all of you!


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