Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Things I Am Thankful For - My Style

All month long my friends on FaceBook have posted what they are thankful for in preparation for Thanksgiving. I personally enjoy the silly ones.
“Today I am thankful for a garage so I don’t have to clean snow off of my car.”
“Today I am thankful for wine from a box.”

Those are more my style.

It goes without saying that I am thankful for all the blessings I have in my life: a great family, health, shelter and enough money to buy food and luxuries. Still, I sat up the other night with a sick baby who wanted me to rock him in the middle of the night, and I realized that I need to mention and honor those blessings more often.

But you know I am gonna keep the wording more my style…..

THINGS I AM THANKFUL FOR (the mature list)

1. My kiddo. What a cool, cool kid I have! I know I am not like other moms when it comes to parenting. And I know I don’t feel the same way other moms do about being a parent. But my kid drives me and inspires me. I hear other moms trying to be so politically correct when they say, “I just could not imagine my life without my child.” (for some reason I say that with a southern accent in my head) Well let me tell you something - -I CAN imagine, daresay fear, life without my child and it would be the worst life imaginable. There would be no joy, because he brings it to me each morning, there would be no laughter because he makes sure I get huge doses daily, and there would be no learning, because he teaches me every day. He is my everything. Nothing else matters.

2. My husband who moved his whole life to live in America for me. Few can understand what that really feels like. He has never batted an eye, or resented me one day since he moved, and I know he never will. That man is solid, and I take him for granted too much. I would not make it one day on this earth without him.

3. My incredible mother who never judges me. And if she does, she saves it for later when I deserve to be judged. Strongest woman I know and if I could be even a tiny bit like her we could rule the world together. But for now, only she can. I am thankful she only gets slightly annoyed at my skewed curtains, when I know she really wants to scream at me for them or rip them down and make them straight.

4. My brother. No matter what, that kid makes me laugh. We ate together at Burger King the other day and he gave me the strangest look when I told him my son had never had a hamburger. He flat out told me I am weird, and that my kid NEEDS to have one. He will never censor himself with me, and I will never censor myself with him, and we will always be together.

5. My dogs. Some people have pets, I have furry family members. They are not pets, they are a part of our home (no really, their hair is on every square inch of our home ha ha). The joy that those 2 dogs bring to me is something I never expected. I expected my son to take my breath away, I expected to fall in love with him right away. I did not expect I would WANT to devote so much of my life to these doggies. They are complete chaos most of the time but the bond I have with them is something I am thankful for every single day. And those little brat-faces know it. They provide me with so much happiness.

Because of those 6 things and all they do for me, I am able to have and be thankful for: my home, my job, my friends and my sanity. Without those 6 lives in my life, there is no life for me.

THINGS I AM THANKFUL FOR (elementary list)

dishwasher, cars, leaf blowers (because raking leaves by hand is TORTURE), diaper genie-and diapers for that matter, pickles, the beach, good cheese, wine, Mike’s Hard Lime, and my iPad to name a few.



Do yourself a huge favor, especially if you have a busy life like mine, and take a minute after reading this to think about WHY you are thankful for the things we are so quick to say. It’s easy to say, “I am thankful for family.” Yes, yes, we know that, but WHY?


mel said...

Soooo Rhonda style comment...I am thankful for the last bit of cough syrup with codine tonight. Do I still have a cough? Ummmm. sure.

I'm actually thankful for facebook. I've met you!! And some other cool peeps. I'm reminded to laugh, be thankful for my life because someone just lost their dad or husband or child (not that this is just facebook, but i don't read the news so it's as close as it gets), see all other ridiculous things that make me not feel so alone some days when all I do is work alone.

Not sure if that is what you wanted. Of course I'm thankful for my family and all that junk, that pretty much goes without saying.

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