Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Who Are Your Facebook Friends?

We all know that I really put myself out there on Facebook. My status updates are rarely vague. I don't elude to an opinion or result, I just give it. I feel safe doing that because the people I have chosen to be "friends" with on Facebook are my friends in real life. They are people I like to be around or visit with if I see them.

I worry that connection gets lost in the Facebook translation. Has Facebook made it easier to be close, or has it pushed friendships apart?

I started thinking about this because I wonder if people are truly honest through their Facebook. The lives and family they portray can be the lives and family we choose. None of us post the bad photos, none of us say the bad or embarrassing news so are these people really your friends that you once knew? Or are they a facade version, something they WANT to be rather then what they are.

As a people person, I find myself wondering if their lives are so perfect at home and at work. If they are not, why cant it be shared? If I must get lost in the Facebook translation, I would much rather know what is REALLY going on with my friends.

When did it become taboo to discuss the difficult times in our life, or the hard ships? If you feel like you don't want to share on Facebook, then are the people you would potentially be sharing with truly your friends? Or just a collection that you have?


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