Friday, December 30, 2011

More 2011 Animal Victories


Just so you know, the 207K fine that Ringling received as mentioned in my previous blog, was for that one elephant. Never once were they fined for beating a chained baby elephant named Angelica with a bull-hook. Never once were they fined after an 8 month old elephant was euthanized because he broke his two back legs during forced training exercises involving bull-hooks and ropes wrapped around his trunk to force the maneuvers. 8 Months old. And never once were they fined when a lion baked to death in a box car. Still, that fine was the largest in history, and I call it a victory.

Also in 2011 we saw felony animal cruelty charges against workers in a lab. First of all, labs rarely get fined, sanctioned or shut down, let alone charged. Same for the workers, they are very protected. So this was huge.
Professional laboratory and research services shut down following the charges, closed their doors! Yay. What was going in you wonder?
The lab tested animal deworming medicines and other harsh pharmaceuticals, so the dogs and cats were constantly full of worms and treated with test medicine. Bad enough right? Wrong, gets worse. The workers charged,......females..... Were shown on camera kicking the dogs and cats, spraying them in the face with high pressure chemicals through a hose, dragged while cowering across the rooms, beaten with objects, slammed into their cages, thrown across rooms and forced to live years in cages with concrete floors. They were sick and infested with sores, only to be sprayed by hoses full of bleach to "clean" the runs they lived in but never got to run in. As I read more about this "lab" I discovered that not one lab worker has ever been charged with felony animal cruelty charges until these bitches were. Yay for 2011!

Soooooo whats the simple thing you can do regarding this particular victory?? Choose cruelty free products. Refuse to buy things tested on animals. I totally understand how hard that is, I do. But try. Become aware. Even if it just starts as one item, then grows to more. My son loves his Cars shampoo, and I buy it for him. But MY shampoo and body foo-foos are all cruelty free. Just do a little at a time. Try cruelty free laundry soap, or cleaning products, or even just hand soap. Something. Animals suffer because of us every day. Not just rats or mice, but puppies, cats, rabbits, dogs, monkeys.....

here is a LINK that will take you to a data base so you can see which products are or are not tested on animals.


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