Friday, December 2, 2011

Crafters: On Your Mark - Get Set - Give Me Ideas!

Ok you awesome ladies who read my blog.....

I have a plain jane white shadow box that is supposed to be a baby keepsake thingy. Not my style.

I want it to contain something GREAT! I want to craft with it or build something MAGICAL!

I want it to go in a small spot on the wall in my guest bathroom/laundry room that is almost complete. The room is a mix of clean and rustic with these colors.....

Post links to your idea under the facebook post with this blog post or post it here! I am on Pinterest if you want to pin to my board as well!

I am counting on you to give me ideas! The best idea I get, I will try to make!
Here is a similar shadow box to help you visualize your creation....that I am going to steal from you!


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