Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Well Shit. Now I Am One Of Them.

Yup. I am one of those damn people who works out in the morning and spends half her morning at work talking about her great work out.  

Those bitches. 

I am one. 

After baby #2 I was HUGE! Not huge in a polite, "you're just naturally built big" way. H-U-G-E! It was sick, sick, sick.

I denied it. Ate more. Made fun of people who worked out. And ate more. 

Then I said to myself one day, "whelp, your kids are going to get older, smarter and faster so you better get your ass in shape before they run you to the ground." 

I joined a gym, WHAT???!!! Started going to Zumba again---LOVE! And started counting calories again on myfitnesspal. Its working. 

And damn it, I love the classes I am in. 

I want to get stronger. And forget that crap about being healthy...I want to be HOT again! Fine, healthy is good too. 

So what-the-shit. I am busy with a full-time job, 2 kids, 2 dogs, husband who works 13-16 hour days and a house that apparently falls all to hell if you dont take care of it. Whats one more hour a day of neglecting all those things?? Ha ha ha. Who needs a social life? 

So here I am, posting publicly about this because as one of the best trainers I know (Purenergy) said, "People will be watching you now. No turning back."

No pressure ;-)

I hope I can post more now that my baby #2 is almost 5 months old (HOLY SHAT!!) and starting to be cool. Follow me and make sure I stay in line. 

So here I am 2 months into my journey and 13lbs down with only 60+ to go...bwa ha ha ha. 
I will post another one in August....hopefully the hot factor will start showing in that one.


Anonymous said...

I totally see the Hot factor already! ;) You kill me Rhonda!! Love ya! :) Karla

Rhonda said...

Thanks Karla.....and if I dont kill ya...those zombies sure will ;-)

Anonymous said...

You look great! And good for you :) I love seeing your posts about your workouts, helps give me a lil push to do more myself.. -Sarah


Love you Rhonda! Keep kicking ass, whether anyone watches or not. But they will.... be watching. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Your skin looks amazing! I love you and am so proud of you!

Rhonda said...

Thanks ladies. And Tanya!! Gross! I have a huge zit on my chin!

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