Friday, December 30, 2011

It's Almost 2012!

I have been reading from a few of my friends on Facebook that they are certainly looking to get rid of 2011 and enter into 2012. Sorry this year was so crappy for them :-(

Ahhh, those Facebook friends – no idea their year was that rough, because they never say so in person when you see them. We should start doing that more. Just so each of you know, I would not stop being your friend if you ignored me in the store because you are having a bad year ha ha. I get it.

So, did anything good come out of 2011? Well heck yes it did! I am going to point out some animal rights victories that were, in my opinion, monumental. “What?” you say.

Yes, I love me some animals-all of them (except spiders). And even though I eat them occasionally (not spiders), I am forever trying to change that. It’s hard. But there are things I CAN do, and do do (do do..ha ha) until my life of vegetarianism kicks in again.

Let’s start with the circus. I despise the circus. And I do not attend, and will never ever attend. Not only is the thought of a clown getting all up in my face freaky, but I am not a fan of overpriced snacks and toys - or hot and muggy tents for that matter. We all know that elephants star in circuses all over the world. But they are not treated like stars, not by a long shot. They are transported in hot, sweltering crates, with unsafe locks or steel structures with no food or water until they arrive to their next place of torture. They are not treated for any illnesses they may have or wounds they may suffer. Not even simple oral medicines. They are constantly abused. I use that term lightly. They are stabbed with bull-hooks, they are shocked with cattle prods, they are chained for days on end with zero mobility and they are never allowed to rest. There is almost zero footage of elephants resting in hay or even STANDING in hay for their pleasure. They are only bathed to soothe the eye of the idiotic ticked purchaser, and never fully cleaned. The elephants are purchased as babies and beaten into submission. I have watched video of baby elephants being tied on all four legs and literally stretched in all directions until you can hear them SCREAMING in pain. Do not skip over what I just wrote because you can’t bear to read it. Read it. Those elephants screamed and cried in pain. While circus workers stood there, causing more pain. They do not live a life. They are suffering every single second of the day. There is no joy in their life, none. I am barley scratching the surface of what these amazing animals suffer. If you can honestly believe that they are not treated poorly and continue to attend, I feel so sorry for the animals that have to suffer because of your choice. So instead make an easy, simple choice. No more circus or show where animals are live entertainment. Please consider boycotting.

So how is all of this allowed you may ask? GOOOOOD QUESTION. The USDA is supposed to monitor these companies such as Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey but even their regulations are not up to date. But, in 2011 we finally saw the parent company of the 2 major circuses fined the largest amount in the Animal Welfare Act history……ready for it……. 207K. Yep, that’s it. For the torture and neglect of one elephant named Sarah who was suffering from illnesses that were going untreated. She was so weak she would fall over and be beaten until she got back up again. $207,000 is nothing to these companies who know YOU are going to buy their tickets. We need to stop attending the circus. The USDA is also the same branch that ALLOWS the purchases of these animals and is currently weighing the possibility of RB and B&B to purchase 9 more Bengal tigers from Africa.

Again, I am urging you to boycott the circus. If you want to take it further, contact me and we can contact the organization that brings the circus here yearly together. I have nothing against what the Shrine does for children, and I think they are great. But there is no need to bring the circus to Sheridan anymore - and I let them know.
Even though there are many strides that can still be reached when it comes to the circus, RB and B&B being fined, finally, was huge. It really was. Let’s hope 2012 sees the end of the circus or harsher penalties for these acts of cruelty.

I have to go for now, but I will post another victory for animal welfare tonight! Toodles!


Tanya ODea said...

Yay! I will stand with you to boycott those bastards! I had fun ripping down all of the posters last time! Its seriously idiotic to attend and by attending, what are you teaching your kids....

I love your passions for animals! I feel the same way (except for birds, they can all stay south for ever.

Rhonda said...

You rock Tanya! Thanks for boycotting! Your kids will admire you for it!

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