Monday, August 15, 2011

Everyday Joys Can Turn Sour, Trust Me

I love hitting every green light while taking the main road to my office. Unless, I have just purchased a fat, cold coffee drink with tons of whip cream that I am just dying to get into. There is no safe opportunity to take the lid off, push aside the straw and slurp up the cream until a light turns red.

These are the kinds of simple things that can turn my day sour while all the other moms have "bigger" worries and are running around as though the first day of school is Armageddon and they just have so MUCH to do. I don’t get it. Don’t think I ever will. I think my son will be just fine on his first day of school if we have not made it to the Dr for a check-up or his lunch box and back-pack isn’t new. This is where my title fits me so well and why I put question marks behind “Mom???”

Back to the quirk that made me post: I love hitting green lights, unless……

Take a minute from your crazy Monday, yes even if you do have so MUCH to do, and fill in the blanks:
I love _________________________.
Unless, ________________________.


mel said...

I love.....massages
Unless...i fall asleep. That really pisses me off. I could have napped at home for free!!

Anonymous said...

OK, I need to set you straight on this...It WILL be the end of the world as you know it if your child (any child) does not have a new back pack and lunch box AND clothes and shoes on the first day of school. Trust me! I know this!

Rhonda said...

Hahahaha, I will warn everyone to prepare. This is the best part of the blog, moms who know better will probably be able to laugh in my face one day and call me stupid for not accepting the mom ways.

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