Friday, August 12, 2011

What should I do today? Hmmmmm, I know!!!

“You should start a blog.” I hear that a lot. I toyed with the idea for over 2 years. I think I might have even tried to start one once, but that quickly faded. Then I started to really wonder why people said that to me. Am I crazy? Do they want even more material from my obscene mouth to point fun at? Is it because Snookie is becoming so tiring that they need someone else in their life who is lame so they feel better about themselves? Then I decided not to be so hard on my friends and think maybe, just maybe, they think I have something to say. So I asked my husband. “You just say things that everyone thinks, but is afraid to say.” He quickly noted that I don’t always say what I need to say with class, but at least I say it. Awwww, my darling husband, because of him, my life will now be consumed with this blog. I DO have things to say. I honestly doubt you will find what I have to say interesting, or helpful, but I don’t care.

In an effort to progress from having an idea to actually formulating a result, I knew it would be important to name my blog. That was work, I almost gave up. If you know anything about me at all, you know that I have zero motivation. Hitting a road block such as trying to come up with a name is usually enough to make me quit. You would be so lucky.

I know I want this blog to be about 2 things, okay, at least 2 things: me and how I cope being a mom. Growing up I always knew that I would be STRONG, INDEPENDENT, and a MOM. The first two came easy, until I became a mom. Everything I thought I knew, everything I thought I could be or wanted to be changed. I was not instantly the mom I thought I would be. What? How did that happen? In 2009, this new, weak, needy, bitchy and helpless version of me appeared, (okay, I was always bitchy, but now it is maximized) and I want to tell you about it. Everyone has heard the phrase “strong, independent woman” or “strong, independent mom.” I know maybe a handful of women who meet that phrase. I vow to get there one day.

I am certain there are other blogs out there just like mine. Do you know how I know that? Because I have a strong feeling that other women are in my same shoes - wondering where their real life went and wondering how being a mom changed them so dramatically. Even so, read mine.


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