Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Have you ever heard of feetball?

Obviously, my kid is the smartest kid on the planet. I know this because he is mine. While I have never had any worry about him knowing all his letters or saying all his numbers or kicking a ball or hitting a golf ball, I have worried about our lack of sports on the television. Go figure, I am worried about *not* having the TV on. Gerard watches rugby, I watch gymnastics…if they are on, which is hardly ever. So his exposure to sports is VERY limited.

Last night at a local sports bar, as I was writing numbers 1-20 in crayon for my two year old to name (which he did, whoop, whoop!) he glances up at the sports TV where the Giants were playing the Bears and said, “Feetball mom!” Oh God.

So I made an instant decision to have more sports on the TV from this day forward. BLECH! But I honestly believe sports are a great thing for children to participate in and watch. But, can they get interested in them even if they are not on the tv, and even if their parents don’t even have favorite teams they care to watch?

So I picked a football team for this year, and my son and I are going to be die-hard Raiders fans!

School-schmool! My kid don’t need no learnin’! He is gonna be a ball player….okay, well probably not because I care about his brain not getting damaged, but stilllllll, he is gonna know that football is called FOOTball!


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