Thursday, August 18, 2011

What? Like YOU'VE never sent your child to daycare with a wound??!!

I sent my son to daycare today with about 4 teeny slivers on the side of his hand. Hey! For starters I did not know they were there until the last minute. Plus, he was not down, at all, with my trying to dig them out. He isn’t stupid. He knows that hurts.

What really has me thinking is how did I go all evening, night and morning without knowing my only child had wounds. I have had a sliver before, they are WOUNDS. Even at bath time when I like to inspect him all over, I did not notice these little meanies. I am a huge control freak and notice everything around me. I can even tell where the dogs laid all day while I am work, how many times my husband may have used the bathroom, ANYTHING. Nothing gets by me. Then this, THIS! My poor, poor baby. He suffered all evening and night with wounds. (FYI, he is totally fine and didn’t even show me his “owies” as he usually does….but stilllllll.) The old Rhonda, the Rhonda before kids, the Rhonda who was strong and independent and brilliant would NEVER have let that happen ha ha.

Gotta love the everyday failures as a mom. The things that snap me back into reality to remind me that I don’t have it all under control, and things are gonna get by me. Pretty sure the failure tally will increase as the day moves forward.

At least this evening, strong mama gets to make an appearance (rare occasion) and play Dr. Mom. Hope he still wants to be my friend.


Mel said...

How did it go? Funny thing is I thought I was a fairly decent mom and just realized Blake had about as many teeny ones in his hand....from the cabin...more than a week ago. Awesome. I promise there are worse things and after #2 you'll probably notice less how many times Gerard flushes the toilet ;)

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